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          Insurance and Specialty Products for Nonprofit Organizations

          More Information

          Insurance Coverage and Services
          Nonprofit Insurance Product Specialty
          • Primary Liability Insurance – Standard limits are $1 million per occurrence for general liability, $1 million per occurrence for sex abuse, $1 million per occurrence for social work, $1 million per occurrence for medical, $3 million policy aggregate
          • Umbrella Policy – Limits up to $10 million above primary liability*
          • Sexual Abuse Liability
          • Social Work, Foster Care and Counseling Liability
          • Incidental and Vicarious Medical Liability
          • Special Event Liability – Standard limit is $1 million with higher limits available
          • Our new comprehensive D&O/EPL/Fiduciary and Network Security and Privacy Liability coverage is available in most states

          *Defense outside the limit of liability

          Submission Requirements
          • All pertinent ACORD and supplemental applications, we also accept other carriers' applications
          • Audited year-end financial statement (or Form 990 if the organization does not have a year-end statement)
          • Brochures, promotional materials describing programs and services offered and copies of all relevant contracts
          • Loss history for the last  five years
          • Schedule of drivers and vehicles, including VINs and seating capacity

          Time Zones