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        1. AmTrust Claims

          Log-in to AmTrust Online or call 888-239-3909


          Our claims center is staffed with specialists who provide assistance when reporting an incident.  Once a claim is reported you can also check its status and, if necessary, locate a doctor via the National Provider Directory.

          Our claims adjusters maintain low workloads, enabling them to effectively manage claims. We use an automated claims system and operate in a paperless environment.

          Three-point contact is immediately initiated with the injured worker, employer and doctor. Our Medical Director assists in determining proper diagnoses, provides access to treating physicians and holds peer-to-peer reviews to discuss claims directly with physicians.

          24/7 Toll-Free Claim Reporting

          Workers’ Compensation for All States

          Phone: 866-272-9267
          Fax: 775-908-3724 or 877-669-9140
          Email: Amtrustclaims@qrm-inc.com

          Non-Workers’ Compensation

          Phone: 866-272-9267
          Fax: 877-207-3961
          Email: anaclaimsreporting@amtrustgroup.com
          Provider Instructions for Workers' Compensation eBilling

          Payor ID: 12491
          Name of Clearing House: Optum Property and Casualty Clearinghouse (OPCC)
          Identification number: OPCC's Tax ID: 352170347
          For claims related questions (claim number, payment status, general claim information) please call: 888-239-3909

          How the Provider Should Submit the Claim #: If the subscriber is the patient, the claim # should be sent in a 2010BA.REF*Y4 segment in X12 837 transactions;  otherwise, if the patient is different than the subscriber, the claim # should be sent in a 2010CA.REF*Y4 segment. For example, REF*Y4*CLAIMNUMBER~. Our “OPCC Companion Document” and "OPCC Connectivity Guide" both explain how to use our system, and can be found here.

          Providers/bill submitters can call our OPCC Customer Support at 877-234-0449, or email OPCChelpdesk@optum.com.

          Information required for all claims reported
          1. Name of the insured and policy number 
          2. Date, time and place of accident or incident
          3. Description of accident or incident 
          4. Name, phone and/or e-mail of person making the report
          Additional information required for specific claim types
          For Workers’ Compensation 
          1. MUST have the injured employee’s social security number as it is required by law 
          2. Description of injury 
          For Property Claims
          1. Physical address of the loss
          2. If more than one building on property, must have specific building(s) involved
          3. Type of loss, i.e., fire, theft, etc.
          4. Description of loss or damage 
          For Motor Vehicle (Auto) Claims 
          1. Name, address and contact information of ALL parties involved.
          2. Make, model and VIN of the insured vehicle 
          3. Make, model of all other vehicles involved 
          4. Current location of all vehicles 
          5.  Name and contact information for each driver and all passengers 
          6. Name and contact information any known witnesses 
          For General Liability Claims 
          1. Physical address of where the loss occurred 
          2. Name, address and contact information for all persons claiming injury or damage 
          3. Name and contact information any known witnesses  
          Customer Benefits
          • 24/7 call center, staffed by claims operators, allowing claimants, policyholders and producers to speak with a live person
          • Injured employees, medical providers and others are paid without delay
          • Return-to-work options are initiated through a joint effort among the employer, physician and injured employee
          • Each business segment is supported by a senior position with a high level of experience
          • Preferred One Source Repair Program streamlines claims handling for automobile repairs through quality, authorized collision repair facilities across the country
          Disability Claims
          New York DBL Claims 
          The forms required when an employee becomes disabled in NY and may be entitled to disability benefits are:
          • DB-271S—Statement of Rights: The NY DBL law requires an employer to send a “Statement of Rights” – entitlement of benefits under the Disability Benefits Law to an employee, within 5 days after the employee has been absent from work for more than 7 consecutive days. This statement is in standardized format approved by the Workers' Compensation Board.
          • DB-450—Notice and Proof of Claim: After the disability begins, Part A – Claimant and Part B – Health Care Provider statements should be completed, signed and the form returned to the employer for completion of Part C – Employer Statement. The form should then be submitted to Wesco Insurance Company. Claims should be filed within 30 days after the employee last worked and the physician has certified the employee is totally disabled. Failure to submit the claim within 30 days may result in a partial or total rejection of the claim.
          New Jersey TDB Claims
          The forms required when an employee in NJ becomes disabled and may be entitled to disability benefits is:
          • DS-I – Division of Temporary Disability Insurance Claim for Disability Benefits: Claim form is used to file a New Jersey TDB claim when an employee becomes totally disabled while employed. Claim must be filed within 30 days of disability. The employer must send the employee a Disability Form (Form DS-1), containing the worker’s name, address, Social Security number and wage information needed to determine the worker’s eligibility for temporary disability benefits.

          Send a completed claim form for NY and NJ to:
          Wesco Insurance Company
          PO Box 980, Bowling Green Station
          New York, NY 10274
          via fax at 800-584-9303
          via email at DBClaims@amtrustgroup.com

          Surety Claims
          If you have a DSI, ICC, or Corepointe bond claim, Let us know using any of the following methods:
          Email: HOSCL@libertymutual.com
          Call: (206) 473-6210
          Fax: (866) 548-6837
          Write us at Liberty Mutual Surety™, 1001 4th Avenue, Suite 3800, Seattle, WA 98154
          Attention: LMS Claims

          To make a claim on a Wesco license bond, please contact:
          Phone: 866.272.9267
          Fax: 877.207.3961

          To make a freight broker bond claim on an FMCSA BMC-84 bond issued by Developers Surety and Indemnity Company, please contact Federal Service Corporation at the below listed number and submit your claim inquiry via the Federal Service Corporation website listed below:

          Federal Service Corporation
          623-209-2630 – fax
          Email: webinfo@PFAprotects.com
          Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Broker Bond Notices of Cancellation
          Still have questions, or need help with a claim? Simply call 866-272-9267

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